Laminate flooring offers style and affordability

Laminate is a synthetic flooring material that provides a hardwood, stone, or ceramic look. This wood-based material is popular because it is warm and comfortable underfoot as well as attractive. What's more, its durable surface is difficult to scratch or stain. Some brands are even waterproof. You can find the latest styles at Leon Country Floors. Our family-owned flooring store in Sparta, Wisconsin, provides a top-notch installation team, too.

Multiple flooring layers

Laminate flooring, available in planks and tiles, comprises four layers that are bonded together by a lamination process. The fiberboard core includes the majority of the flooring. It's protected by the backing layer, which also protects the subfloor and stability for the plank or tile. The surface wear-layer covers and protects the high tech design layer. Some brands include antimicrobial resin that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold.

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Durable flooring

Once the design layer is worn down, the floor must be replaced. Therefore, it's important to note the AC rating for each laminate flooring product when comparison shopping. This Abrasion Coefficient rating provides a reliable method of judging durability. An independent entity assigns the rating after the flooring undergoes extensive testing. Planks and tiles are tested for resistance to scratches, stains, burns, and impact. Look for flooring with an AC3 rating.

Waterproof flooring capabilities

Only brands that are labeled 'waterproof' repel water. Products without this label are designed to keep water or liquid spills on the surface, so clean up is easy. In other words, the liquid will not immediately soak into the fiberboard core. However, immediate clean up is advisable. Waterproof laminate will repel water only for the time frame indicated in the manufacturer's guidelines, usually about one day. 'As soon as possible,' clean up is wise.
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Laminate flooring installation experts in Sparta

Some brands are installed with glue. But most brands click and lock together so the floor can be constructed to float above the subfloor. Thus, it can easily be laid over an existing hard surface floor or a cement slab. Padding is installed first to enhance the flooring's performance and provide protection for both the floor and subfloor. A moisture barrier pad is installed over cement and in moisture-prone spaces.

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