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Infrared Furnaces

This is a revolutionary, efficient and safe way to heat your home, cabin, office, milk house, barn or any where you need heat.  This unit is up to 25% more efficient than any of our competitors.  When your furnace is off, our comfort zone infrared furnace stays on to keep your home consistently warm.  Great for condos or renters as well as larger homes.  It’s small but it works like a dream.

We can service any unit that we sell through our store!

Why choose infrared as a supplemental heat source?
  • Economical & Energy Efficient     
    Infrared heat waves distribute the heat evenly.
    Up to 50% savings in energy costs over other heating sources.
    It can pay for itself in as little as two months.
  • Health Enhancing
    Infrared heaters sterilize the air, destroying bacteria, viruses,
    mold and mildew.
    Infrared heat waves provide many of the health benefits of
    natural sunlight with out the dangerous effects of UV radiation
  • Advanced Technology
    Quiet, energy efficient, reliable, proprietary infrared heating
    elements, advanced electronics and quality
  • Comfortable
    80% of the energy from an infrared heater is absorbed by the
    objects in a room which in turn radiate that heat back into the room.
Special Features:
  • 1500 watts/ 12 amps
  • Heats up to 1000 sq ft
  • Safety shut off
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Internal memory switch on/off

Please visit our showroom or call (608) 269-5366 with any questions

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