A carpet guide for Sparta area homes

‘Soft,' ‘warm,' and ‘comfy' are some of the words used to describe carpet flooring. While several synthetic fibers are comfy underfoot, wool is the most luxurious. But this floor covering doesn't just look and feel good. It's functional too, offering benefits like cushioning on stairs. Leon Country Floors is a carpet store in Sparta, Wisconsin, that has a wide selection of carpeting as well as a team of experienced installers.We are here to answer any questions you may have, so let's get into it!

Carpet fibers

Rugs made of polypropylene repels water. Thus, mold and mildew aren't a problem when this hydrophobic fiber is installed. Nylon and triexta are tough fibers that are favored by pet owners and homeowners from busy households. Acrylic is a great substitute for wool.

Carpet density

Carpet is constructed by sewing loops of fiber onto a backing. The fibers are densely packed on high-quality broadloom. While browsing through samples, it's a good idea to bend the sample into a U-shape. With a dense pile, not much of the backing can be seen.

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Loop pile carpet

The length of the fibers also defines the pile. Low loop pile is most durable because dirt remains on the surface rather than getting trapped deep within the fibers. In general, looped, also known as Berber, is more durable than cut pile styles.

Cut pile carpet

These cut pile styles are created by cutting the fiber loops at the tips. Fibers are then turned or twisted to increase durability. Most types have a TPI, or turns per inch, that ranges from 3.5 to 6.0. The most tightly twisted styles, such as frieze, can have a TPI as high as 9.0.
Luxury carpet in Sparta, WI from Leon Country Floors

Carpet installation

Carpet installation is not a DIY project. Installers pull it across the floor precisely, so it lays flat throughout its lifespan. The team also has the experience joining seams so they are invisible and apply transition strips that join two types of flooring.

Carpet padding

Padding must be placed under the rug to absorb footstep abrasion. The type of carpeting determines the proper height and weight of padding. Without padding, it will not wear properly, and therefore, its lifespan is shortened.

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