Everyone wants to protect their floors. Who would think something so little could make such a difference.

Made in Canada, Flexi-Felt pads are made from very dense wool, not polyester. With the industrial adhesive on the back, once they are put on, they are very had to remove.

Flexi-Felt pads come in a variety of sizes and shapes;

Disks- 3/4" up to 1 1/2"

Square- 15/16" and 3"

Strips- 1"x36"

Flexi-Felt Clear: With the same dense wool, this is also a chair leg cover that protects your floors and chair legs from dings and scratches.

Flexi-Felt Clear disks sizes from 5/8" to 2"



For more information, give us a call, or check out Flexi-Felts at www.flexifelt.com